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In our menue category “Innovation News” you will find new ideas, technical developments and patent applications. Here we would like to draw your attention to new developments that fulfill potential for future market success.


Robots in precast concrete production
Concrete mould milling

A disruptive 3D Technology to produce Precast Concrete Products

Successful Entrepreneurs buy Innovation for future Profit

First they research the market and look for applying innovation as early as possible. Especially interesting for them are new innovations and products  which will lead to new business opportunities in the future. Possible motivating factors for entrepreneurs are profitable business fields, potential in turnover and profit and maintaining a competitive edge.

You can name it an Innovation only if an idea has lead to a market success

Companies constantly face problems that require solutions as soon as possible. Most of the time though they are not able or do not want to use their own ressources in order to deal with them. Therefore, companies have to look for new solutions on the market.

So how can you become successful in a short periode of time? Make use of external Know How. License a patent or buy it.

Whether you want to license a patent or sell one, we can support you in every step.

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