A new system for personal identification using biometric data. SALES PRICE FOR IP-RIGHTS from € 85,500

Much has already been tried.

No other solutions offer so much security with such simple operation.

A completely new system

EAZY CONNECT is a new system for personal identification using biometric data. For this purpose, four fingers are analysed with the EAZY CONNECT app. In the future mostly with a smartphone.

Simple initial registration

When the end user registers for the first time on the EAZY CONNECT website, a one-off identity verification process is carried out using a face scan.

Several biometric features possible

In contrast to previous procedures, EAZY CONNECT thus not only uses either a fingerprint or identification by means of a facial scan, but can also create a new standard in secure personal identification by using both systems.

Speed and ergonomics

Compared to existing systems, the service provided offers numerous advantages and impresses with fast implementation, easy handling and exceptionally high security.

New markets for growth-oriented companies

The market for biometric identification offers many opportunities. Biometrics is a technology whose fields of application are widely spread. It can be used in any industry and for any activity that requires some form of identity card. Regardless of whether personal verification is required to open a door, access sensitive data or carry out private banking transactions. Biometrics guarantees not only simpler but also more secure processes than before. EAZY CONNECT is thus offered to a wide range of industries that can benefit from its product.

Intellectual property

Shortly after the product was developed, a patent was applied for and has since been granted. In addition, a utility model was applied for. Both together offer a high protection against copying by competitors.

Aims of the innovation exploitation

To find an entrepreneur/company that recognizes the enormous advantages of the product, who/which can correctly estimate the future business and profit opportunities and invest in the product.

Possibilities of IP acquisition

Licensing or patent acquisition.

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