We reinvent us everyday.

Why? Because we are constantly dealing with changes. Such as different Requirements on the Market, new Solutions, creative Concepts, altered Business Processes and disruptive Innovations.

Since we have been dealing with Innovations for decades we have learned to listen carefully, to question everything and to go with even the craziest Ideas as a Possibility for Solutions. Our Costumers who are exposed to Sales and Success daily, benefit from that.

We are focusing on innovative Solutions for Patent Licensing, for finding Investors, new Market Gaps and new Business Processes.


The Innovation Network Austria GmbH – INNA – was founded in 2001. During their first years the company focused on exchange of Information with Austrian Technology Centers. Main topics were Technology Transfer, Start Ups, Management of Technology and Innovation Centers, Financing and Supporting those Centers and Start Ups and lobbying with Government and EU-positions. The founder was the Austrian Association of Technology Centers.

Since 2004 INNA has been privately held. The company aimed attention to Technology Transfers, Patent Licensing, Evaluation and Marketing of Innovations, Financing and Supporting Start Up Projects and Consulting in Strategic Questions about the Delevopment of a Company ever since.


Enthusiatic attitude and reputation for dependability

Enthusiasm can be infectious and thus improve the overall atmosphere in any organization – and that positively impacts one’s boss, colleagues, subordinates and customers alike.

Whether it’s a work-related situation or a purely social function, successful people always seem to stick to timetables and meet deadlines. And if an unforeseen problem occurs, whenever feasible, they give people advanced notice about possible delays.

Ask questions, admit mistakes

If successful people do not understand something, they aren’t afraid to ask questions and seek advice. For example, a question that should have been asked but wasn’t can often have catastrophic consequences that will not soon be forgotten.

When they’re in the wrong, successful managers are willing to admit it immediately. They don’t simply hope that their error went unnoticed. Then they volunteer to do whatever is necessary to make things right. All parties involved will remember and respect that type of integrity.

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