Compr-EX Powertool


Compr-EX is a further development of an idea from the previous century. With a so-called wind-up technique, a spring is pre-tensioned which, when released, releases the built up energy within a fraction of a second.


Practical applications of this type are known for nailing to wood, driving in staples for fence fixing or inserting staples e.g. for fixing textiles to wood.

Intellectual Property

Austrian patent application A51105/2019


Statement by Innovation Network Austria GmbH, as the commissioned patent and technology exploitation company

This invention is an electro-mechanical power tool that uses a coil spring as a temporary energy storage device. This energy store is charged via a linear drive – which can be indirectly decoupled from the energy store (main feature) – which is located centrally within the coil spring, and the energy of the store is released again by the change in direction of rotation of the linear drive.


The range of applications in practice for this power pack is diverse. A rechargeable battery ensures a long operating time and the device represents a new performance class in terms of weight and performance.


Market and future

From the wide range of market segments that the product can be marketed in, we have taken a closer look at one segment, the EU farm segment. With a total number of 4.2 million farms, 42,000 units could be sold with a market share of 1%.

nail gun


  • Increased efficiency through powerful power tools
  • Positive economic and ergonomic assessment
  • Targeted information for potential users
  • Use of efficient power tools
  • Ecological use

Possibilities of IP – Acquisition

Licensing or patent purchase

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