HBA raised bed cover

Much has already been tried.

Very few solutions are satisfactory.

The inventor, himself a garden

professional, has brought all his experience to bear and developed a solution that is worth seeing.

Accessible from all sides

While conventional raised beds can usually only be operated from one side, the HBA solution can be opened from both sides.

Simple and quick to operate

Ergonomics play a special role in raised beds. A gas pressure spring supports the operator in all movements of the HBA cover. This makes opening and closing the cover child’s play. A special lightweight construction is the basis for ergonomics and safety.

Protecting and ventilating

Not only does the HBA cover offer protection against heavy rain, snow or hail in all seasons, it can also provide individual ventilation. An additional film on the roll provides the desired ventilation and temperature control depending on the roll-up position.


An attractive design underlines the functional and ergonomic properties of the product.

Intellectual property

Shortly after the product was developed, a patent was applied for in Austria, which has since been granted. In addition, a utility model was applied for in Germany. Both together offer a high protection against copying by competitors.


To find an entrepreneur/company that recognizes the enormous advantages of the product, can correctly estimate the future business and profit opportunities and invests in the product.

Possibilities of IP acquisition

licensing or patent acquisition

Easy and safe to handle …

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